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Calling 911 just in time to save the basement

Why do sellers try on their own, screw things up and then call in the professionals to unwind all the damage.  There was a client of mine that attempted to "do it alone".  They put on-line a million dollar + home and attempted to do for the first what we do for a living .  They didn't understand that buyers don't like to deal direct with seller for many reasons.  The first and foremost is that there is no buffer between them.  Sellers will say anything to sell a property because they are solely motivated by the greed that they are saving a commission by negotiating their own sale.  This is where the damage begins.  First, they will misrepresent the property with respect to age, condition and other factors that buyers rely on in the buying process.  They probably think these "soft lies" are insignificant, but that's where the law comes in. We as agents are obligated to represent and disclose the property as we have appraised and inspected it. If we don't know something about the property it is our obligation to make every effort to get the real and truthful answer. If we don't know we just don't talk out of our behinds we dig and find it.    Now that the property has been prostituted for a few months with no results, it will be my job to clean-up all the rumours, gossip and negative stories about the property, ie: "what's wrong with it?" "why didn't it sell?"  "something must be wrong because they have called in a professional to sell it",  "maybe it isn't what it's cut out to be". It's a big ball of stories now to undo....good luck to me.     


A savvy reminder why it's important to call in a professional, always, and...first!

Liane ("Li") Read — March 22, 2012