Like Water Off a Ducks Back

It has happened to us time and time again.  Not too long ago a very close friend was discussing with me about his home and how one day he and his wife would like to down size.  Naturally I took notice of this comment and gave him some advice.  Being a friend, I thought it would be a little too pushy to keep asking how they felt about the possibility of them selling and buying something smaller.  You don’t want to let someone feel the only thing you talk about when visiting them is business.  Business is there and it will be discussed at the appropriate time.  Well to my surprise…..I almost went off the road when I saw a sign on their front lawn.  Not mine as you all might think someone totally not in our circle of friends.  I did not react, I kept my cool.  I was more disappointed than anything else but what do you do.  Well what I did was acted as though nothing was unusual and continued my friendship with them.  We all must remember “the tallest trees bend the furthest.”