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The Little Cheeper Dealer Is For The Birds

When someone is in deep thought as to whom to list possibly their single most valuable asset, they should think very carefully.  Today I met with a potential list client.  They talked about a 1% listing that the other agents offered.  This is a battle I have over and over again.  One must think about what they are looking for in the sale of their single most valuable asset.  Anyone can sell anything at any time.  Getting all the money goes far beyond the 1% listing commission.  What to look for in the agent is if he or she is a “hit and run” specialist.  By this I mean, watch out for the agent that simply just wants to plant signs in the neighborhood and then run and hope for the best.  Paying a proper commission will pay back in thousands.  The agent that insists on getting paid will in most cases go for all the money.  They will market the home, advertise, showcase and just do the job to get the rewards.  You pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys…..


Very well get what you pay for is a truth.

Liane ("Li") Read — June 30, 2011

Thank You :)

Len Miliaris — June 30, 2011