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Product Blur

Nothing replaces a full tour of a property.  Touching, feeling, smelling and just hanging around really excites the buying bug in people.   When you have an appointment to see a property take full advantage of the time allotted to you.  Walking in and out without really taking in the whole home can cost you dearly.  I’m not talking financially; I’m talking your reputation as a responsible agent.  Buyers often miss out on key features of properties if they don’t slow down.  They experience what I call “product blur”.  How many times has a client mixed up properties with others when it came time to put in the offer?  Their whole world can come crashing down on them if they thought that nice fireplace they saw was in the home they’re on but it was actually in the other.  Slow down, don’t look at too may properties and for heaven sake, spend time in the home.  That Express train running behind the forest just might be behind schedule…..LOL


Such important advice....just "slowing" somewhat can make all the difference to a successful sales transaction. 

Liane ("Li") Read — June 27, 2011